WaterMicronWorld International
The leader in the manufacture,
and distribution of highly advanced
Atmospheric Water Generators that
extract the moisture from the air and converts
it into clean, pure drinking water. Water,
essential for all aspects of life, is the world's
most valuable commodity and is becoming
increasingly scarce. 

The population of the world continues to increase,
yet the clean and drinkable water supply continues
to decrease. Throughout history humans have always looked down while looking for a source for their water needs. They have always extracted from holes in the ground, wells, ponds, lakes, rivers and aquifers. All of these sources have one thing in common, which is that
we are taking water out faster than nature can replace it. 

The solution is to extract water from a new source, one that is plentiful, renewable and accessible to most people around the world. WaterMicronWorld is committed to provide pure drinking water around the world to all those people that need it most and to provide critical emergency pure drinking water to first responders, relief agencies and government institutions. 

We bring an ecologically friendly and new source of pure drinking water to industry, businesses and home users alike. We provide truly affordable, state-of-the-art technology that is easy to operate and maintain. Our technology taps into a water source that does not place more demands on Mother Earth--Pure water from the air we breathe!

This home/office atmospheric water generator machine is a humidity and temperature driven self-contained unit making water from air.

Our Atmospheric Water Generators Generates from 
30 liters to 20,000 Liters per day of pure drinking water, depending on the specific atmospheric conditions of a particular geographic region.
WaterMicronWorld International AWG simply replaces the need to rely on municipal water systems, transport, storage and consumption of bottled water. 

This machine can reliably manufacture pure fresh drinking water in environmental humidity levels as low as 25%. Atmospheric Water Generators the solution for a growing demand to supply safe and pure drinking water worldwide. 
WaterMicronWorld International
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